"Diversifying your investments" & "Restoring The Dream Of Financial Independence And Prosperity For All Families."

Mike Sarwari & Kelly Schnorenberg

Thursday December 13th, 2012
6:00 pm - 9:00 pm PST

Fremont Marriott

"Diversifying Your Investments" with Mike Sarwari

Come to this seminar to learn how to better protect your investments for the future. Mike will teach you how to diversify your existing investment portfolios and how to prepare yourself for 2013. You will learn about different investment options and where best to put your money in the upcoming year.

"Restore The Dream of Financial Independence and Propsperity for All Families" with Kelly Schnorenberg

Kelly is helping people by teaching them how to increase their income, protect their families, and safeguard their assets.

There are four (4) major areas that have caused so many problems that have significantly damaged the financial se­curity of Americans. Kelly will teach powerful solutions to help provide relief in every area:

  1. People need an opportunity to make more money – with unemployment close to 10%, under-em­ployment over 20%, and 50% of this year’s college graduates unable to find a job, everyone is looking for an opportunity.
  2. Families across America are not properly protected – with only 35% of Americans owning personal life insurance, with 58,000,000 US households stating they need more insurance, and with less than 20% of families having a personal life insurance agent, families are in jeopardy of financial catastrophe in the event of a premature death.
  3. Investors don’t know what to do to protect their assets while earning an acceptable rate of return – with the stock market continuing to exhibit roller-coaster volatility, with retirement accounts down in value significantly, and with savings accounts earning less than 0.50%, people are confused on where to place their hard earned assets.
  4. The financial industry is not prepared or able to provide solutions to help people weather the storm – with almost 10% of financial advisors leaving the industry annually, with the average age of financial advisors approaching age 60, and with an estimated $30-$50 trillion expected to pass from one generation to others in the next 20+ years, the financial industry is in no position to adequately pro­vide the quantity or quality of solutions necessary to fulfill current and future consumer needs.


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